• Personalizing spine surgery with patient-specific plans and devices

    Carlsmed is the only company to leverage AI and predictive analytics to bridge the gap between existing data and achieving the optimal surgical correction for each patient.
  • Transforming healthcare by engaging and empowering patients

    The combined power of predictive analytics and Carlsmed’s proprietary CorraTM platform helps to guide preoperative decisions, optimize planning and achieve surgical correction with improved outcomes at a lower cost of care.

  • Redefining value with a patient-centric delivery model

    Our patient-centric model optimizes inventory to address hospital value-based strategies while tailoring to the individual needs of each patient.

The impact of adult spinal deformity on quality of life exceeds that of arthritis, chronic lung disease, diabetes, and congestive heart failure,1 with procedures for surgical correction expected to more than double in the next 2 decades.2


We are transforming healthcare by giving spine surgeons the tools to obtain better results at a lower cost of treatment while helping adults with spinal deformities regain their active lifestyles.

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Leveraging AI and predictive analytics for better patient outcomes.

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